My name is Megan Goodwin Burke and I live in Greenville South Carolina. My journey with autism started when I was 3 with the birth of my little brother, Michael. Once I managed to get over the fact that I could not return him to the hospital, I became quite attached to my partner in crime. His journey with autism deeply affected my family and me in many ways. He taught us a whole new view of the world and I could not imagine life any other way. This blog is designed to bring attention to issues that I have dealt with personally as both the sister of an Individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and also as a student of the law. Although sometimes more personal and sometimes more professional, this blog will always be inspired by the brother who taught me to respect other people, fight for a better outcome and love like it’s going out of style.

I attended Gettysburg College and received degrees in Economics and Political Science before heading to law school. In law school I worked for both Autism Speaks and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Upon graduating, I began working for Friends of Juvenile Justice in Columbia, SC. Recently, I opened my own practice focusing on Guardian Ad Litem services, specifically in cases involving special needs children.